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dating penfriend to write to-18

dont know if any of you would consider this but our armed forces are always looking for pen friends, some have little or no family and being so far away letters are a great morale boost.....

sorry dont have a link at the minute but the sun newspaper was advertising it.

i got relatives of mine to write to him, he just wanted to hear about everyday things, normal things to look forward to. postage is free usually, the post office has special envelopes called "blueys" they dont need a stamp, i used to print photos onto mine. once over you could just address to a service man (or woman) but now because of security you need a name and number.

i`ll try and find some info if no-one finds a link.

She use to be a teacher, her name is Maria and she was from Szczecin, Poland. If anyone knows her whereabouts please get in touch.