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Men were also more likely than women to lie about or at least misrepresent their interests on the profile (Whitty, M. Men with higher levels of education and that have a high occupational standing are viewed as better able to provide for his family (Geary, Vigil, & Byrd-Craven, 2009).

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Men with high economic statuses are viewed as someone who will achieve needed resources for survival, such as money (Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009).

As men age, they tend to look for women who are younger than they are.

While physical appearance does not matter to God, it does unfortunately matter to most Christian dating singles.

Although most Christian singles interested in finding their dating match would say that physical appearance is not the most important thing, but whether the person is a Christ follower, they wish that the person they meet be an attractive Christian single.

In one study men who were young adults dated women who were an average of 1.04 years younger, middle aged men dated women who were 4.98 years younger, and older men dated women an average of 9.99 years younger (Alterovitz & Mendelsohn, 2009).