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In addition to the above, Nigel showed examples of stones of the Admiralty, often with the fouled anchor motif; War Department and MOD, and Government (broad arrow).

Stones also survive belonging to the and Stonehouse Leats, as well as those around Burrator marked PCWW (Plymouth Corporation Water Works).

She used her monies to write books & wage vocal campaigns against the death penalty& staged a protest at , she wrote “stories of interest for ladies” – what colour shoes to wear, how to treat your servants etc.

When WW1 broke out, she completely changed her style, writing about men going off & coming back from the war, tales of the wounded & food shortages & the impact on Linda started off by outlining the reign of the Queen who gave her name to the Victorian Era.

After release he married & he & is wife played prominent roles with other Quakers in helping the Jews to emigrate from Nazi in 1884 was an orphan at the age of six.