Dating remued pottery

Height 24.6 cm A Remued Pottery gum nut and leaf jug, circa 1940body of baluster form with a matt and gloss drip glaze in green, decorated with applied gum leaves, gum nuts, and a forked branch, moulded handle, rising to a flared rim with inscribed marks.

Worldwide Headquarters of the Australian Studio Art Ramekin, (and a few others) that piece of Australiana that has almost disappeared from our lives and tables.

dating remued pottery-64

Dee and Hawkins, seeing an opening in the market for decorative ware, established their own business at a time when a number of major potteries were closing due to the Great Depression.

Thomas and his other sons; David Henry, George Henry, John and Thomas Jnr all worked in the pottery trade around Melbourne.

They came in countless colours and finishes and many were made by our leading artists and ceramicists. But the glory day of the Australian Studio Art ramekin is well and truly over. Also, please note If it aint got a handle, it's just a bowl. Georges road at that time, was a large clay pit, virtually next door to the pottery.

My collection has ramekins with One handle only, fixed to the body at one point only. Premier Pottery Preston was a small undertaking, unusual in that it produced only art pottery, all of it hand-thrown.

However Premier's soon developed a style that was distinct, and by the 1930s became a highly established and successful business.