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Two other noteworthy maps that were bequeathed by Harrisse are Samuel de Champlain's chart of the northeast coast of North America (mentioned above) and a map on vellum entitled by Saint Jean de Brbeuf (who was martyred by Iroquois Indians on March 16, 1649), illustrating the location of Indian tribes and Jesuit missions in the vicinity of Lake Huron.Information about this collection is provided by Richard W.

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Rosenwald donated six rare Renaissance maps including Diego Gutirrez's celebrated map of the Western Hemisphere entitled The bequest of Henry Harrisse, who was both a collector and a student of the exploration of America, included fourteen manuscript maps drawn by Johannes Vingboons, cartographer to the Prince of Nassau, for the West India Company of Holland.

One of these, which was entitled and was "Drawn on the Spot" in 1639, is the earliest cartographic depiction of Manhattan Island.

His Imperial Majesty was reunited with the map when he viewed it during a visit to the Library of Congress on May 28, 1954, and recalled its presentation to Dr. number of individual rare maps and collections are noteworthy for their association with presidents of the United States, several of whom began their careers as surveyors or displayed some skill as cartographers, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Millard Fillmore.

The collections of two twentieth-century presidents, Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, reflect the expanding role of the presidency on the international scene.

Handbooks, guides, and charts, along with the invention of more sophisticated and practical nautical instruments, professional-ized what had been largely an intuitive craft.