Dating rules meet parents

Maybe they’ve asked you out for dinner and you’ve cried off with a bad stomach, or a work commitment.Just remember that if you’re serious about your relationship, you’re putting off the inevitable.Smile or laugh when appropriate and keep your anecdotes to yourself.

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Resist the temptation to make negative remarks about the place you’re meeting, if you’ve had bad personal experiences there.

It may well be their favourite restaurant and you run the risk of seriously offending them.

If the meeting is a visit to their home then this is your chance to show how considerate and helpful you can be.

Whether that’s helping his Dad stack the washing machine after dinner, or helping her Mum serve the tea, get stuck in.

An arm around his shoulder or a peck on the cheek is okay, but any more than that might offend them, so back off until you're out of their house. It shows that you respect the effort they've gone to playing host, and even better, that you're a willing participant in the family dynamic, says Sherman. Again, show his family that you want to blend innot take over.