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Get connected to a good church that has a robust program for singles or senior citizens.

Move to a community of 55 and older where you can meet other people and may have activities and clubs you can join to meet other people.

You know your marriage is over and your family is forever changed, but coming to truly accept that reality takes time and that process is called grieving. That means you still have a purpose because if you didn’t, God would take you home. Many women have to answer this question for themselves even if their family hasn’t shattered like yours has. Even if you have an intact family, kids grow up, get married, and move away.

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When those fail or are non-existent, a woman begins to question her value and her purpose. But being victimized does not mean you have to embrace a victim mindset.

Studies done on the psychology of women have shown that a woman’s sense of identity rests in her connection to those around her, especially her closest relationships. it’s tempting to get stuck in self-pity and victim mindset. People are victimized by other people’s sin such as you have been with your husband’s sin.

Yet I still belong to you, you hold my right hand…(verse 21-24). Trust him as you rebuild the shattered parts of your life.

He will show you how to do it and where to go (Psalm 32:8).

He doesn’t understand what God is up to until he enters in the Presence of the Lord. I’m not sure how long it took him to get from verse 3 to verse 17 where he was able to see things more clearly. However, even when David knew he wasn’t in a good place, he wrote, “I realized that my heart was bitter, and I was all torn up inside.