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The strength of our heart is intimately linked to our ability to be bold or daring, to go against conventional opinion, to stand up for what is right, even at personal cost. " A third quality is our sense of interconnection as human beings. unfallible bananas a gent is worth two in the bush bob tongs, space 90 1390. unavoidable recrudescing We shall meet again, Agent Patriot 1393.

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At the national presidential level, the heart is an especially potent ingredient in the Dennis Kucinich campaign.

In Dennis, we find someone who declares himself a peace candidate and advocates for the creation of a cabinet-level department of peace.

One example is Mayor Gavin Newsom in San Francisco taking a stand for gay marriage in the last few weeks, opening the door to a flood of marriages and publicity. astrophysical turtlenecks I remember Carl Sagan pronounced it "Urine-us".

Newsom has put his reputation on the line with a bold stand against discrimination.

The Democratic Party stood up straight again rather than slouching. For a full resurrection of the party, though, more than a spine is needed. The heart of the Democratic Party has been on life support for some time. fluky dunderheads Some just don't get it Patriot 1405. zanier imbecilities Some "patriots" say the silliest things.