Dating site about me examples

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While it’s important to impress your readers with your merits, nobody likes a narcissist or a never ending ramble. Some companies thrive on tales of their long lineage—fine Scotch distilleries or upscale clothing companies, for example. The problem is that a detailed history doesn’t always add to a company’s image—sometimes it’s just a snore.

This is a common mistake—so much so, that some companies even neglect to address their customers’ problems or include anything like a call to action, because they’re so absorbed in their personal narrative. There’re two important factors, when keeping your message relevant and to the point: know your audience and emphasize your unique selling points (USP).

Photos add a nice personable touch, while prescriptive videos describing your process and/or snapshots behind the curtain of how a product is made go a long way towards consolidating reader trust. If you’re always pushing your sales pitch, you may drive customers away.

People want to know that there’s a human running the site and that the person behind the blog is someone worth paying attention to.

In this post, my friend and partner Mike teaches you why your “About Me” page might be one of the most important pieces of content on your website, and run through five tips on how to build the best About page possible. They’re incredibly important because your audience cares to know who you are and wants to be able to relate to you. I’ve got five pro tips to help you build the best About page you possibly can…