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We discarded papers with opaque titles, such as “Gelotophobia and thinking styles in Sternberg’s theory”,5 and publications that proved irrelevant, such as “Another exciting use for the cantaloupe”6 (which described practising endoscopy on melons). and have found friendliness and celebrating life to be the heavy artillery of the love strategy.”7 However, the benefits of laughter have often been assumed rather than demonstrated.

We identified three classes of findings: benefits from laughter, harms from laughter, and conditions causing pathological laughter. Dr Patch Adams advocated therapeutic clowning, declaring that “I have done vast numbers of clowning experiments . We concentrated on mirthful or “unintentional” laughter, also called Duchenne laughter, since Duchenne first demonstrated that genuine laughter is characterised by contraction of both the zygomatic and the orbicularis oculi muscles (fig 2Life satisfaction and laughter have been associated with one another,9 but reciprocal causality has not been confirmed.

actress and Coldplay frontman are "definitely dating," one insider told the mag.

"They’ve gotten to know each other really well and are very comfortable [with] one another. It’s more than just a fling." Johnson, 28, and Martin, 40, have already taken their romance abroad.

Paltrow even shared an Instagram with Martin and her fiancé, Brad Falchuk, all having brunch together.