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I promise I am not ugly and as you can see I have a very fit body which I know you are going to enjoy playing with I already have a husband, but I need a lover very badly so if you feel you could be my secret lover then send me a wink or a private message and see where the journey takes us.

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While it is partly true there are hundreds of thousands of women turning to the Internet for both conventional dating and that of a more fuck buddy nature.

The Internet offers women the chance of getting to know their potential fuck buddy by asking a few basic questions compared to a possible dangerously unpredictable situation picking a guy up from a club.

Nothing long term and definitely not looking for any kind of relationship, purely a no strings sex date.

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    Facebook Confirms it Spies on Your Messenger Conversations Say it with us, people: DUH. OBVIOUSLY Facebook is scanning your messenger content and if you’re aghast by that, then get off the internet. Do Millennials and younger even care about privacy?