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“We could build something where parents could share their path and their choices, and the network would be especially useful for parents who have younger children.” Wells will continue to work at the University as an advisor on student career development and alumni relations.

Wells has served on Down syndrome advisory boards and is a member of the Greater Boston Arc, the Boston chapter of a national organization that helps people with intellectual and related developmental disabilities and their families.

“I would be eager to talk to people and listen to people and to say, this is what I’ve done, and mostly to hear what people’s worries are.” In another video, Beverly Guiry, director of project management for Information Services & Technology, discusses her daughter’s struggle with a seizure disorder and the joy she felt when her daughter found a job.

“This is a journey and at different ages my child has had different issues to face,” says Guiry.

He shared his family situation and feelings of stress and uncertainty.