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It has also undertaken the task of reviving some of the outstanding literary works in Arabic. 5 Hajj or Pilgrimage (Every muslim should at least once in lifetime go for pilgrimage provided he or she is physically and financially capable). People such as the Jews and Christians to whom prior revelations were made are called the "People of the Book". The government found it necessary, however, to tap this fund during the Iraqi occupation. Animal life in Kuwait is sparse even more so after the devastation caused by the Gulf war.

Every literature, audio, video and any other media coming to Kuwait from abroad has to pass through the Censorship department of the Ministry of Information. Non-muslims living under Islamic Government are regarded as Ahl- Addimmah (Protected People) and are allowed to practice their own faiths. There have been infrequent sightings of gazelles, foxes and the very rare Civet Cat.

The Islas Marietas, to use their Spanish name, were first formed centuries ago due to volcanic activity and have never been inhabited by man.

Taking advantage of their isolation, in the early 1900s the Mexican government used them to conduct military testing.

(Selling a collateral that far outvalues the debt for a very low price). If the exercising of the rights causes unrealistic damage. Many establishments share the task of providing a number of free services : The Ministry of Public Health has one of the best and most developed health services in the world. When the oil prices rose in 1973, Kuwait experienced a construction boom that lasted until the early 1980's.