speed dating durham - Dating someone much older

I could feel it all day and all night: achingly hollow and full of acid. That said, there are also some legitimate psychological reasons why younger women go for older men.

When I wasn’t doing that I was in the bath staring at the ceiling.

Does any man really like to be called your Sexy Silver Fox?

Although, I call J "Kid" in this super-cute, ironic way.

Do you need help setting up automatic bill pay or your 401(k)?

Any decently nice guy accumulates ex-girlfriend friends.

Was it possible that because someone older than me had broken my heart at a young age and that I had what are commonly known as ‘daddy issues’ of the highest order that I was avoiding anyone who might possibly have any seniority? That was when I met Alan (obviously not his real name). He replied quickly ‘I thought I had imagined that you were interested but I’m glad that wasn’t the case.’ What followed this was a flurry of dates which saw the summer through into early autumn. I went to a friend’s wedding without a date, got drunk and invited him to the reception. And that was where I started to suspect that an older man probably wasn’t actually what I needed.