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I work for a small-to-medium nonprofit institution where many of the high-level administrators have been there for most of their professional lives, and there is a TON of turnover at the middle-to-lowest level, mostly due to the toxic environment that’s been plaguing this place (but that’s a story for another letter).

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It is certainly NOT about your friends getting engaged faster nor is it about “engagement season,” which in guy-land isn’t even a thing.

Most importantly, remember this precept: Communication isn’t about finger-pointing. I understand your feelings, but honestly, in my opinion, your fears don’t outweigh your boyfriend’s fears. Your boyfriend can’t do much at all until he’s no longer miserable. You say you are living together – whose idea was that?

I know that may sound like a very man-friendly answer, but then again, you wanted to know what he’s thinking and what will get you the best results. My brother has been talking about how much he hates his job for the past 15 years. He’s been talking about getting a new one for years. What all these people have in common isn’t just their inaction. And if he continues to perseverate, you have your answer.

He is a senior vice president at one of our major banks, works crazy hours and makes a reasonable amount of money. Has made absolutely zero effort to look for another.

Is there more “power” in being the cool girl, letting things play out organically, and giving him the space to choose to propose to you when he’s ready? But I don’t think this is a case of either/or, where you either have to remain silent with anxiety or you give him 60 days to pull the trigger.