dating new online - Dating soul mate in zambia

They don’t necessary teach you intentionally, but often provide challenging situations in your life for you to overcome and learn from.

Soul Teachers often come in the form of family members, friends, acquaintances, old lovers, momentary drifters and even enemies.

Douglas and I met on Evening Touch in 2015 and dated for a month before going our separate ways, however, we still remained friends occasionally catching up.

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Almost a year ago I met this incredible man, Geoffrey on Evening Touch.

We have had an amazing year, and our love continues to grow...thankyou Evening Touch.

Some souls will feel as though they have known each other from another lifetimes, some will clash, and some will feel at ease with the other person’s company.

Essentially some of the souls that come into our lives will help us grow in love and wisdom, while others will aid us in learning difficult life lessons or universal truths. When we are capable of seeing others souls as ‘mates’, (including our enemies), as members of our family that are there to teach us life lessons, then our whole perception and relation to other people changes entirely.

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