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People now have high-definition (HD) video cameras in their smartphones and can upload and share videos on social websites.

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"Their relationship was always intense and had a lot of passion.

It’s like they are back together already.” The mag goes on to claim that the reconciliation was Lopez's idea: “After splitting from Casper [Smart], she reached out to Ben.

The ones in Greece were given the name "Koutsovlachoi" from a misinterpretation of the Turkish word for"Little Vlachia," which is what the Turks called the area of Thessaly during the occupation, as opposed to "Big Vlachia," which was the area around the Danube River.

Vlachoi call themselves "Armani" in their dialect, which comes from the Byzantine and Roman times, and it was the name given to those who spoke latin in the eastern empire.

The word Vlachos,is thought to have come from the Slavic word Vlah (which meant foreigner) or the German word Walechen (which means non-German, Latin).