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However upon arrival at their next destination, Washington DC, one teen reported having “gastrointestinal distress” with many others following suit."One by one people began indicating they were feeling ill,” DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services public information officer Vito Maggiolo told The New York Post.Unless you’re taking Barlow Girl’s stance on waiting till marriage (no dating until marriage), you’re probably going to date several people for various periods of time before you get married.

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As a somebody who is waiting till marriage, you’ve got a lot of pressure on you to find “the one”, so you’re going to have a tendency to try to push every relationship that way.

That’s when issues like those mentioned above are going to come into play.

Despite Maggiolo reporting that food poisoning may have been the cause, he later confirmed that it remains unclear what exactly made them ill.

By Monday most of the visitors had returned to their rooms, according to the manager at Hotel Harrington, where the group were staying in Washington DC.

Sometimes the more you want a person, the more their sexual past bothers you.