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I try to update these pages from time to time, adding some of the more interesting ads as I find them. (1 ads) Decatur Coffin Company (1 ads) Delta (1 ads) Disston (32 ads) Dorn's Mitre Boxes (1 ads) E. I think there is a lot to learn these ads, besides being fun to look at. In 1985 after a restructuring of the various business divisions, David became sole director and chairman of Russell Armer Ltd, focusing on housebuilding. One building project of which David was particularly proud was the high-density redevelopment scheme at Webster’s Yard off Highgate in Kendal, devised in conjunction with local architect Mike Walford.

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Lately I've been collecting a lot of vintage magazines, trade papers, and advertisements related to vintage woodworking tools.

The following pages represent a piece of my collection.

Determined to share the vast knowledge he acquired along the way, he published Antique Woodworking Tools, a highly illustrated book that has become a standard work of reference for tool collectors and dealers, and indeed, for anyone interested in industrial archaeology or the history of material culture.

Over many years David Russell was to be seen at tool auctions in England, France and the United States, bidding for some of the very best tools that came on the market.

He built his collections of antiquarian bird books and 20th-century bird paintings with as much pride as he did his tool collection.