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It reminded me of my own 4 year old nephew, who would do the same with me, in awe of all the pictures and changing screens. Is that kind of interaction with my nephew so different from the type of interaction Amani’s son had with this homeless Lady? Yet, Amani’s kids were oblivious to “the cause”; when they interact with a Lady, they don’t do so feeling like they have to be gentle like I do, knowing that she is going through some serious hardship.

Something in me wants to teach the kid, make him understand how to play around with the computer himself. It’s that awareness in the forefront of my mind that keeps me walking on eggshells.

Christine rolling out cookies and Sukh wanting to contaminate my bag of powdered sugar in an effort to make the process a little more efficient, as always.

Also Bharti, who despite being a vegetarian, rolled those chicken tamales like a pro….the while speaking of my inability to wield a hammer and how I need an Italian husband.

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