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Truth is, witches are as beautiful as nature herself and do no harm.They live by the rule of three, a karmic understanding that everything they do comes back to them threefold.

And you probably like a good, energy-clearing sage or incense. ” And despite the rest of the world not believing, did you save some room in your heart for tales of magic, love, and the mystical and mysterious, anyway?

Were you drawn to movies and books about witches, magic, the spooky, the mystical, the unknowable? Speaking of signs and symbols — you get premonitions, as if you have an internal crystal ball.

You have dreams and visions, of past lives and the future. These are just 13 signs — you might recognize a few, or a whole lot of these witchy ways.

A witch’s message is one of self-love, earth-love, and about the importance of aligning with the phases of the earth and moon. But at one point, if you were too close with the earth, if you were too wise, too powerful — too much, and definitely too feminine — you were cast out or slain for your largeness and wildness. It is time to heal your past karma, own your power, wisdom and beauty, and rise, dear ones — the earth needs you, and we, of course, need the earth.

Many do their rituals by the water or in the woods. Do lost dogs follow you home, do birds fly into your windows, do horses rush towards you in the fields and place their long necks on your shoulders? Do you dream up new plans in the dark of the new moon? Have you ever laid a hand on someone’s bad back, which was 9. Do you have painful past life memories or images of being cast out, burned, or drowned — just for being wild, wise, and free you? You are drawn to beautiful rocks — pieces of earth energy — and you have kept stones like clear quartz, turquoise, rose quartz around you for as long as you can remember, even if you did not know their properties at the time.