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He’s still coming to terms with the fact that Elektra figured out his secret—once again, she laughs at him because she saw the news footage of Daredevil, as well as the news footage of Matt himself after Murdock & Nelson took down Fisk, and .

Elektra mocking Matt is my favourite thing about her character. In any case, Elektra does for Daredevil what Foggy does for Matt—keeps him from disappearing inside his own grim monotone of angst by teasing him wherever possible.

When she and Matt meet for a desperately awkward first date at a fancy restaurant, they’re both holding back so much—Karen about spending her day up to her eyes in dusty newspaper files, Matt about the reappearance of his crazy violent ex, as well as the usual “Matt pretends to be traditionally blind” tricks.

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Aww, flashbacks and angst, just what I was hoping for.

I adore the fact that they have to change very little about Foggy to make the boys look younger—they just give Matt Murdock a dorkier hairstyle and boom! We flit between the present day and the heady extended anecdote of baby Matt’s turbulent romance with baby Elektra, who appeared to be a glamorous young debutante who got her kicks from sparring and petty crime, but was gradually revealed (to the audience as well as Matt) to be a highly dangerous woman with a lust for death and destruction.

We get a glimpse at Karen’s own backstory (she’s definitely running away from something she’s not willing to talk about yet), and it winds up with kissing and happiness, though Matt knows enough about his own terrible luck with romance to not risk “coming up for coffee”.

Straight after leaving Karen, he goes to Elektra, so we were back to yelling ‘noooooo’ at the screen. But while he’s trying to figure out her deal, the Yakuza (AKA those patronising Japanese businessmen) attack her building.

He spies on her meeting from outside the building, (seriously, Agents of SHIELD so need to recruit him, he should look into that if he ever gets desperate to pay the rent) and witnesses her allowing a bunch of Japanese businessmen to patronise her, while she drops a bug into their building that sends their electronics haywire.