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As the summer progressed, Mike and Charles started talking about some of the neighborhood men going over to fuck Kay when Martin was out of town.

They had pictures of some men fucking her, but still with no faces shown.

Charles was one year younger than me at sixteen and in the same high school as me.

We all grew up together and I had known Mike and Charles since we were in elementary school together, but I was probably a closer friend to Charles. She was a very pretty and well-built woman and was forty-two years old at the time of this story.

She was not fat, but was a full-figured woman at five feet and nine inches tall and weighed about one hundred and forty pounds.

I didn’t believe it; but I knew that at least the part about their big cocks was true.

I had never seen them hard, but I had seen them nude many times while changing into our swimming suits.

This story chronicles an experience I had while in high school during the 1970s.

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