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I know that my privilege initially shielded me from latent racism and sexism in previous relationships.

As a white Latina who feels comfortable with their assigned gender, I did not always see the problems with what I was hearing.

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Time after time research has shown that the ability to laugh together, and to make each other laugh is a key ingredient to long lasting relationships.

If you and the man you’re dating spend most of your time laughing together, it can be a sign that you’ll never tire of each other’s company, a telling sign that you have met Mr Right.

If you’re dating someone who’s wrong for you or if things aren’t going well, you might feel upset or anxious when you think about him.

If on the other hand the mere mention of the man you’re dating puts a big smile on your face, it can be a great sign of things to come.

If you’re feelings are exactly the same after knowing him inside out, flaws and all, then you’re onto a winner.