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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1848, by LEA & BLANCHARD, In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. In the vast number of cases which came under our immediate notice, there were but few that exhibited symptoms of disease in the digestive organs. To the general received opinion, that the primary cause of the disease is in a deranged condition of the chylopoietic function, we cannc Jt concur. (From the Author.) On the Inhalation of the Vapour of Ether in Surgical Operations: containing a Description of the various stages of Etherization, and a statement of the result of nearly eighty operations in which ether has been employed, in St. Spanaemia or poverty of the blood, in which the amount of fibrin and of [• These observations are further confirmed by the recent analyses of scorbutic blood by MM. Liebig observes : " As far as our researches have gone, it may be laid down as a law, founded on experience, that vegetables produce in their organism, compounds of protein, and that out of these compounds of pro- tein, the various tissues and parts of the animal body are developed by the vital force, with the aid of the oxygen of the atmosphere, and of the ele- ments of water." Highly proteinized vegetables are the principal food of herbivorous ani- mals, and in proportion as the plants contain this ingredient, are they nutritious.

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In our next number, we hope to have room for the communications of Profs. Their favours shall receive the earliest possible attention. When, therefore, we find men compelled to subsist for a long period upon animal food almost exclusively, which is destitute of protein, scurvy will be found to be one of the forms of disease which this imperfect nutrition will induce.

Our limits have been largely exceeded in this number, and yet we are compelled to beg the indulgence of some of our correspondents. S., Member of the Council of the Pathological and Medical Societies of London, &c. The products of these vegetables are identical with the consti- tuents of the blood, and the blood of animals, chemistry has demonstrated, is formed from these substances.

Such, however, is not the case, excepting so far as they are deranged by the long application of innutritions food.

In a disease where the process of sanguification is so much involved, we might expect there would be much derangement in the organs of chyrai- fication.

To this unimpaired condition of the digestive organs, may be attributed the recover)' of many cases after our return to port, where, had there been any disease in those organs, all hopes of restoration would have been fruit- less. — The mild cases of the disease which first presented, were 56 Foltz's Report on Scorbutus. The rheumatism with which the disease was at its first appearance frequently associated, received the usual treatment, with but little or no alleviation, except from the severe nocturnal pains which were frequently soothed by morphia and opium, and the acidulated drinks and fruits.