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(For more of what the show does well with guests, try the “A.

I.” episode with David Rees and for an added touch of format-induced insanity, there’s always “Inception.”) Listen to the full episode here.

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Still, with the band’s recent anniversary tour celebrating a landmark album, it gave Adam Scott Aukerman a chance to head back into the studio for another wild, unmappable ride through the show’s two-year hiatus.

As close to unchecked comedy id as you’ll find in the podcast world, it’s the trademark kind of nested diversions and dumb brilliance the show had slowly evolved into, long after shedding any pretense that the U2 discography would be the sole focus of the show.

Couple all of this with a renewed appreciation of the show’s series on Charles Manson, and “You Must Remember This” has plenty of untold and/or forgotten histories ready to uncover. READ MORE: 10 Must-Listen Film Podcasts for Beginners and Fans Alike Diving headfirst into the unknowable corners of human nature, Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin find a fascinating approach to answering the fundamental question of why we feel the way we feel.

Stretching from the Philippines to your living room, the search for the basic origins and relative strength of the emotions we carry is one that has ramifications for everything from our legal system to our collective dating norms.

A thorough examination of how changing statehood would have dramatic effects on so many other areas of life, it’s an example of how “Flash Forward” takes a distinctive big picture view of the big ideas on the horizon. READ MORE: 13 Must-Listen Podcast Episodes from February 2017 Laurie Metcalf is in the middle of a much-deserved award season run, but on top of her fantastic turn in “Lady Bird,” she’s just as wonderful in audio form as one of the three leads of this live-read of a pilot that never made it to series.