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We are identical to our physical bodies, our selves nothing more than the electrochemical activity of billions of neurons housed in calcium skulls.

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I would encourage readers of this work to also read the aforementioned book The Conscious Mind and the Material World, as it presents a more streamlined (and updated) development of the central themes in this manuscript.

The Dream of Matter You are born into the world as a blob of protoplasm, the astronomically improbable result of a random recombination of genes and the confluence of a (literal) uncountable infinity of random events. Your inner self, your aspirations and strivings, your deepest emotions, and innermost thoughts are nothing more electrical discharges and chemical secretions in the wetware of your brain.

I would especially like to thank Robert Franklin and the rest of the staff at Mc Farland books, who have provided the main avenue through which serious books on parapsychology and radical investigations of the mind-body problem could be published.

Without their efforts, these fields would be much the poorer, if they would even exist at all.

Such is the dream of modern science and indeed of many modern enlightened religions that, perhaps prematurely, have rushed to embrace the materialist worldview of modern science, not wanting to be left behind in the dark ages from which they sprang.