Did he change his mind dating

He found someone else....would be a fool to think they are only focusing on you. He doesn't have to tell you that he is dating others, and doesn't have to tell you why he doesn't want to have another date.

did he change his mind dating-46

He put it out there that he may have conflicting schedules probably because he's dating other women. You have to grow a thick skin if you are going to use OLD.

I just did recent and he said because 1 he just got out of a relationship and shouldn't have just jumped into dating because its not fair to me , also that I have too much school and so does he so we weren't able to make enough time to hang out and he didn't like that.

The next week we had another date and everything seemed the same as before and he said how much of a fun time he had.

He wanted to hang out more but our conflicting schedules made it a little difficult.

which ended in him saying he doesn't know if we should continue to date etc.