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For example, the £10 pack gives you 150 minutes, unlimited texts and 250 of web access (usually costing much more).If you want to try an alternative, get the Weekend Freebee by topping up at least £5 on Monday to Friday to get 100 free minutes and unlimited texts over the weekend.

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Their Freedom Freebee boosters also allow you to buy a month’s worth of minutes and texts for a allowance.

Not great value but certainly better than the alternative.

And, it’s not totally surprising to be reading stuff like this especially when there’s been such media coverage lately about cell phone tapping and ways of spying on mobile phone answer phone messages.

It’s been all over the news recently especially in a few high-profile cases in the UK as well as India.

In 2010, it had about 341 million proportionate subscribers and a turnover of over £44 billion while it employed 85,000 people.