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By default, on an SBS 2008/2011 server, DNS is configured to use Root Hints for Internet resolution.I have previously posted about potential issues with resolving domain names on an SBS server.From now on, you should experience quicker and more reliable DNS lookups.

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Your local internet service provider probably doesn’t have the fastest DNS servers.

That can slow you down, since your browser needs to look up the IP address of every web site you try to view.

Google and Open DNS both maintain their own, free, public DNS servers that are typically much faster and more reliable. Note: The techniques in this article work in Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Right-click the network status icon in your system tray, and then click “Open the Network and Sharing Center” on the context menu.

When you type a domain name into your browser, for example, your PC contacts the DNS servers it has listed, the server looks up the IP address for that domain name, and then the PC can fire off it’s browsing request to that IP address.