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Contemporary development of such technologies as well as control methods for individual quantum systems provides opportunities for developing radically novel devices and technology based on superconducting elements.This strategic field has traditionally been represented rather poorly in Russian science.

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Astafyev joined forces with the Laboratory of Quantum Chains of the Russian Quantum Center (RQS) headed by Professor A.

Ustinov and the RAS Institute of Solid State Physics (ISPP) Laboratory of Superconductivity headed by Professor V.

The project is aimed at the formation of scientific and technological backlog in the field of creating quantum computers and systems for quantum modeling of material properties.

Within the project, a consortium was formed in which, in addition to the AQS laboratory, there were laboratories MISi S, RCC, ISSP RAS, MSTU, VNIIA and NSTU.

In 1976, Mo MA PS1 organized its first big exhibition in its current permanent location in Long Island City in Queens.