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A keyword-link combination may be ranked based on the number of times the keyword appears on the web page pointed to by the link.

The web page pointed to by the link may be further ranked based on the number and credibility of other web pages pointing to it.

A fetched web page may be parsed for one or more keywords.

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On the Internet, consumers on client computers may access various types of information resident in server computers.

A server computer that provides information over the Internet is also referred to as a “web server” or a “website”.

For example, when a keyword appears the same number of times on two different web pages, the web page referenced by more, credible web pages gets the higher ranking.

When a consumer employs a search engine to search the Internet using a keyword, the search engine sifts through the index to find the highest ranked keyword-link combinations having that keyword.

Likewise, computer memory may be configured to include one or more components, which may then be executed by a processor.