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Holy Wars, Five Magics, Take No Prisoners, and Hanger are all great. Megadeths earlier works, all him riding Poland's coat tails. If I misquoted you in regards to your opinion of So Far in comparison to Ri P then I apologize.Nevertheless, I think most people appreciate Ri P for a lot more than just 'the super technical solos', but it's hardly worth arguing over. I'll put up with it from Dave since he has proven himself to be a musical genius, but someone needs to tell Jeff that the only album he played on is a piece of shit compared to the rest of Megadeth's output up until Youthanasia. Megadeth is all Dave riding the coat tails of others, be it Chris Poland, Marty Friedman, etc. On top of that, So Far So Good is a great fucking album, and youre on something if you think its worse then Countdown.

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This is the same guy that called up my girlfriend and said, 'I fantasize about having sex with you when I have sex with my girlfriend.' And I went, 'What did he say? "[Addressing Dave directly] Really, Dave, you lying piece of shit!!?? Is that why every single night you had to be carried off stage cause you were too fucked up to stand — let alone play or sing. [bassist David Ellefson], [drummer] Chuck [Behler] and I had a deal with the soundman to bury your guitar and vocal in the mix? and finally me to drive two hours to Medieval Times and bring you heroin?

"Do you consider it respectful when a fan asks you for a guitar pick that you pick your stinking nose and flick it at them with a, 'There's your pick' response? Your mom and sister were there with you that time, right?

Besides Hook in Mouth and Set the World Afire the rest of the album is pretty disposable IMO.

In fact, Ct E was only the second album he even played on, and you've pretty much just disparaged it - so which is it? I said that if I want to listen to so skull shaking thrash Ill pick it over Rust any time.

Although, I do think the challenge came off as a bit immature.