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There is no minimum opening deposit except for the Loyal bank, but you do have to deposit and withdraw in larger amounts of around 0 at a time.

Some people say the rules differ depending either on your current location or the bank account you open.

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There are transfer fees with most of their accounts.

If you use your bank account to sign for other accounts and pay for other things, then there are a slew of restrictions.

All of the accounts have either transfer fees or The First Caribbean International requires an introductory service, but the others have accounts you can apply for directly. You are going to need an opening deposit of at least $1000.

Most of them also require a minimum balance to be maintained or you are charged either a fee whenever your account falls below a certain amount, or you are charged a higher maintenance fee.

are non-residents) and earn money outside of the US, an offshore bank account owned by an offshore entity can save you boatloads in taxes. However, how to pay less tax as an American using offshore holding companies & bank accounts is an entirely different article and, likely, only applies to SOME people who are self-employed and can take advantage some tax loopholes.

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