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After 12 months of continuous abstinence, 43% of individuals returned to regular smoking.

It was not until 5 years of continuous abstinence that the risk for relapse dropped to 7% (USDHHS).

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Traditionally, behavior change was often construed as an event, such as quitting smoking, drinking, or overeating.

TTM recognizes change as a process that unfolds over time, involving progress through a series of stages.

These are the people who should be recruited for action-oriented programs.

Action is the stage in which people have made specific overt modifications in their lifestyles within the past six months.

theories focusing mainly on social or biological influences), the TTM seeks to include and integrate key constructs from other theories into a comprehensive theory of change that can be applied to a variety of behaviors, populations, and settings—hence, the name Transtheoretical. Studies of change have found that people move through a series of stages when modifying behavior.