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Jerry and George prepare for the taping of Jerry and each of the real life personas give tips to their TV alter egos. Jerry begs Elaine for another chance when he finds out she faked her orgasms. George's father gets him an interview as a bra salesman.

Evidence points to Jerry's accountant being a drug user.

Elaine, having been ordered to fast three days prior to an X-ray, develops a ravenous appetite.

Jerry befriends Keith Hernandez after he meets the latter at the health club.

Elaine and Jerry are nervous agree to become godparents to a couple's newborn and also hold the baby during circumcision and getting a Mohel. Jerry accidentally uses the word "fuck" in front of Marydeth's son Matthew, who also begins using the word.

George meets his old "friend" Lloyd Braun, whome Elaine begins dating and gives an idea for David Dinkins' mayoral campaign.

As George, Elaine, and Jerry exchange spare key privileges, Jerry and George learn that Elaine is secretly writing a Murphy Brown script; Kramer, later, is hired to play Brown's secretary. George's mother is hospitalized and Jerry's girlfriend Marla wants to have sex which he has to prevent.

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