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Some equipment may benefit one lifter over another, but 800 pound squats can be accomplished without monolifts, bands, chains, or any reference to Bulgarian anything, likewise with Sling Shots and 600 pound benches.

Four hundred pounds was put overhead before RPE existed.

(Shamefully they tend to do the same for their “coaching.”) These individuals perpetuate the confusion of this truly simple pursuit as a means to ensure income.

) could lift weights that are still impressive to this day.

Most “benefits” of modern training principles, programs, equipment, and metrics are in my opinion, a branding tool hardly of any training significance when adjusted to the broad pool of lifters, both competitive and not.

Applications & Adaptations is a means to show lifters everywhere that getting stronger is simple and can provide a lifetime of effective training.

Strength training has been around for hundreds of years and we have fairly accurate documentation on how men in the 1910’s (and earlier!

This lengthy, and likely verbose, training manual is hopefully a large piece of the puzzle that most will need to help make them stronger.