Ethics of physician dating former patient

So in pursuing some, we ought not to choose to denigrate or damage any of the others.

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Plato himself exposed the fallacy of thinking otherwise, at the very founding of Professor Gutting’s academic discipline.

What satisfies desire or induces pleasure, however good or bad it is in its full reality, will likely be experienced, at least initially, as promising meaning, fulfillment, and even personal growth—the elements of Gutting’s truncated and superficial replacement of natural law theory.

He has invented a weird straw-man “natural-law” “selfish pleasure” argument against same-sex sex acts, and knocked it down.

But it is not an argument either of us has ever endorsed.

What this procreative-parental commitment and union require is an especially deep and far-reaching bond: the man and woman’s making the most extensive and permanent of human mutual commitments to sharing of life and earthly destiny, centered upon a permanently exclusive sexual relationship.