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Females spend the majority of time on the nest during incubation and nestling phases, while males hunt and deliver prey to the nest. Fledged juveniles may remain at the nest site for several weeks.Males will relieve females at the nest for short periods. We will be watching to see if we can determine the size and species of prey, as well as prey delivery rates. These are some reference points for estimating length of prey.

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offers the listener a melodic trip inside of Ryan’s emotional ups and downs.

Backed entirely by the production of Teal Douville, Ryan takes his biggest step outside traditional genre boxes to offer an experience that is becoming his signature.

Caraveo made his first appearance in 2014 looking clean-cut, while his music was anything but that.

His debut albumgave listeners a taste of triumph, loss, heartbreak and his battles with inner demons.

Additionally, Ryan has amassed nearly 50 million total streams and 700k Monthly Listeners on Spotify.

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    Overnight the Sadge Moon sextiles Mars as the Gemini Sun moves into quincunx with Saturn. It’s been that long since I noticed a New Moon, a Full Moon, a planetary change.