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The first season introduces the six main characters: Shelly, J. Shelly runs the fashion boutique Diva Style with her friends Janie and Rita. Their relationship is frequently tested by misunderstandings. However, her friends suggest they are the perfect couple, and she decides to give him another chance.

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Nick helps Rita move into a studio apartment and develops a crush on her. He agrees to her offer to pay for dinner, unaware that she does not have enough money. He is angry on learning that Shelly went to a fraternity party with Rita's college boyfriend. T.'s ex-girlfriends returns to Miami, Shelly feels insecure about their relationship and believes she must be more romantic to keep J. Janie thinks that Rita is becoming anorexic and tries to use her homemade lasagna to make her eat more. Shelly questions her relationship when Grant takes her on a camping trip. Shelly thinks she can be friends with her ex-boyfriend Grant, but her theory is tested when he announces he's engaged during a lunch date, and wants her to meet his fiancée. Donovan enlists Nick's help to win the money he lost in an expensive poker bet with J. Everyone discovers out that Donovan was a pop star in England when a rapper asks his permission to sample one of his hits; Shelly tries to impress the man with her raps.

When Shelly continues taking lessons with an attractive instructor, J. questions if he should sacrifice his ego and return to the classes for Shelly. becomes frustrated that he has paid for all his dates with Shelly. Donovan is forced to train his boss' inept son to become a manager for Z Lounge. After drinking his apple juice, shattering his favorite beer mug, and walking in on him shadowboxing naked, Nick tells Shelly that she has overstayed her welcome at their townhouse, placing J. in the middle of a showdown between his best friend and his girlfriend. Fine" persona while working as a substitute for the regular D. Nick tries to make a pass at Shelly when he learns J. Nick declares Z Lounge's Ladies Night discriminatory and demands that Donovan give the guys equal attention at the club. His request encourages the entire gang to get tested too. The gang also learns that Donovan's request for residency has been denied following an immigration raid on Z Lounge. Donovan tries to avoid tearful goodbyes, so he leaves and discusses his future with a cab driver. The success of Diva Style brings big bonus checks to the ladies, but also brings big problems for Shelly when she goes on a wild shopping spree. Nick embarrasses the gang at Janie's church when he accidentally drops a $100 bill in the collection plate and then attempts to either get it, or some change, back. Shelly and Janie cajole Rita into pretending she wants to get back together with Brenda after learning she's the buyer for a department store where they hope to display their clothing line.

The Canadian rapper jetted off to Britain to go on a date with The Valleys star.

The pair went to a fancy restaurant together and reportedly spent the whole night talking.

Even though his relationship with a woman named Dani appears to be successful, they break up in the spring.