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A very popular blog had posted that Shay "Buckey" Johnson from "Flavor of Love 2" and Andre 3000 were dating.

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But I’ve always been into challenges—I think most renaissance men and women are into challenges—and I had a passion for music. some people trademarked my name; I could trademark your name and own you right now! We have also spotted you on more than a few red carpets lately as a fashion correspondent/expert.

I loved the idea of doing it, so I started recording and just fell in love and got lost in it. I shot a video, and you should be seeing that within the next two months. It’s funny how this game is; you’ll be at a party just having a conversation with somebody cool at the bar, next thing you know, they happen to work for that I was working on umbrellas. In your opinion, what are some fashion trends do you foresee popping up in 2008? But I know that swagger is something my culture really gets, and I knew that Random House would understand.

(Villard), and tells us what it takes to get to the next level in style. I remember my first day on the job, Sean was walking me through all of the closets, and I had some shades stuck in my sweater. Before, I was taking notes, he was showing me through the house, showing me where everything was. So Puff’s in the back with the big bed, and we’re in the front. So that very next day I got a call from Kanye West, and I didn’t know him.

Clutch: You gained notoriety for being Diddy’s personal assistant, but you have a quite impressive background—graduating from Morehouse with a BS in Biology and then attending New York’s prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology. His boy Dinero kept calling me Fonzworth, and by the time I got to Miami, that was my freaking name—and I hated it. Diddy was doing a lot of business dinners, and this was an area where I can really shine, because I was a maître d’. How did you link up with Kanye, and what can we expect from your upcoming album? He said, “Yo, I like your flow, and I really want to go into the studio and do your whole album.” And I told him—Dog, I’m really not doing an album, but I appreciate the compliment.

I don’t think that you can say that ‘Ye or myself have more or less swagger. He does what he does better than anybody, and I feel comfortable with how I’m put together and how my manners hold up at the same time.