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Within a couple of years, her father had separated from her biological mother, Fauzia, and married Ghinwa, a young exile from Lebanon. These days, Fatima lives with Ghinwa, her half-brother, Zulfi, and her six-year-old adopted brother, Mir Ali, in 70 Clifton, the Bhutto family compound in Karachi her grandfather built in 1954.

“One almost wants to capitalise it: The House,” she tells me later. It was built in the typical art deco style that was floating around Karachi and perhaps the subcontinent at the time.

Your father’s been shot.” The facts remain murky, but Fatima is convinced that her uncle Zardari and, by implication, her aunt Benazir were complicit in the killing.

The sparks generated by this belief are intensified by her uncle’s current position as president of Pakistan.

Even so, she still lives in the famous Bhutto compound in Karachi, aware of the realities of her endangered life as she pursues her burgeoning international career as a writer, poet and columnist.