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The singletons will then gather to watch the best and worst of the week's dates back... Host Steve Jones will be on hand to offer feedback on each romantic encounter and share comments and tips from viewers, who will be able to watch, rate them via social media and possibly even date the singles themselves.

Reliving every kiss, cringe or car crash date, their every move will be up for scrutiny, but will our singles find true love, be serial Casanovas or end up as dating disasters?

If simply talking about it was enough, then we’d all have what we want. By taking action and choosing a Real Love Dating Coach you are GUARANTEED to know EXACTLY what to look for in your ultimate mate, and you’ll stop wasting all that time and worry.

e Love Dates is a 100% free dating site for singles, offering free online dating, messaging, chat...

Read on to see which free dating apps made our list.