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The prison pen pal concept was designed to help just one woman. Single women in prison are seeking mail from a pen pal on the outside.

Write a prisoner and let a female inmate know they still matter.

Some people have had loved ones in jail, and they know how lonely it is and how important it is to have community contact. Some people come across the website by fluke, with no interest in inmates or crime, out of pure curiosity.

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Abandonment by friends and family is usually a common thing when people go into prison. Friendships and marriages also that have been created with Women Behind Bars remains very high.

Additionally, many people agree that everyone deserves a second chance.

Upon her release in 2013 she plans to open her own auto repair shop. If you give this “kitty” a chance she’s willing to relocate … Michelle is just a fun-loving white girl seeking a man.

For women sifting through dating profiles, a less-than-ideal height or a proclivity for tattoos can be deal-breakers. Welcome to Canadian Inmates Connect, a website created by Melissa Fazzina to pair male and female inmates with pen pals — both platonic and romantic — on the outside.

Some of these guys are getting out of jail one day, so why not create a positive environment for [them] to come out to, instead of setting them up for failure and not helping with the rehabilitation process?