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Certainly, it put a few noses out of joint when they eventually showed it to the whole design and management team, but the upshot was that they had designed the new GT.

And, oh my: grandma, what a small frontal area you have.

Trouble is that, like Silver was a big nag, the Mustang is a big car, so it has a large frontal area, which is bad for aerodynamics and therefore bad for going fast.

But if you put it into Track mode, the coil spring is compressed and locked out hydraulically, but dropping the car 50mm to a 70mm ride height, whereupon the spring rate doubles.

When I say the suspension ‘drops’, oh man, does it ever drop.

I’ve said it about Lotuses and Mc Larens, and they are really very pliant indeed, until you step back into a Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

But they have nothing on the GT, which has a level of composure – that balance between ride and handling – that I’m not sure I’ve better experienced in 20 years of road testing.

It’s long (4779mm) and low (1063mm, or 41.8in), and wide (2003mm in the body, 2238mm to the mirrors).