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I know I would not hesitate to do it again with them or another couple if the connection is there. I know that I will be bashed here but I can only be honest. You have to know the differance between love and *ucking. You can be totally in love with your spouse and never have any desire to leave however be sexually attracted to someone else. You seem to have a problem with the topic, and thats fine! My gf was all okay with the idea until the last moment..chicken out and i looked like a fool to the other girl she (the other girl) thought i was ****ing around with her and was not on the up and up...............i still wanna cross that bridge someday.i find a gf or female partner that will not is it that the moment MMF 3somes are discussed, the sexual orientation of the men involved becomes a matter for speculation?

I truly love being with her after she has been rode hard Yes... Not going to be the majority here in thinking but...... But to reply to a Lady and make comments about her children is lower then snake shit. a guy isn't gay/bi because he likes watching another guy f*ck a girl...straight boys do it all the time when they beat off to porn.

We then continued our online chatting and became very serious about getting together an afternoon of sex.

She had mentioned one of her fantasies was to have MFM threesome with her husband and another man so I suggested I be the other man..she was thrilled with the idea as her and I already were great friends so she spoke with her husband who also loved the idea.....

We then got dressed and prepared to meet her husband at a hotel we had booked the excitement was electric as we drove to the hotel..all went up to the suite we had rented for the night..sat and chatted as this was the first time I had met her husband but we are both very easy going and were very comfortable with each other chatting about common interests.

He then lead his wife to the bed and began to kiss her undressing her along the way she motioned for me to get on the bed which I did laying on my back both of then now naked him tasting her from behind as she sucked me feverishly...then entered her from behind she moaned loudly on me as she sucked me with such passion it took mear minutes for her to begin to come I moved her up and held her in my arms as she moaned and trembled coming over and over then her husband came as well thrusting more quickly...was extremely comfortable as was I as he opened a condom and handed it to her so she could roll it onto me...straddled me lowering herself onto me so warm and wet mmmm..began to ride me slowly at first as she was still very sensitive from the previous round of orgasms then she saw her husband watching and smiling..again from seeing how much she was enjoying it and she began to move faster and grabbed his c*ck pulling him closer...

Also, I've always wondered why is it considered acceptable if a woman is bisexual and that if a man has any interest in another guy he's labelled as gay? I agree 100%A friend of mine and myself traveled 6 hours to meet a couple that we DP'd while her husband video taped us.

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    But, I am equally scared of pushing for something that is happening naturally and perhaps making him feel pressured and stressed about something that is easy and great, naturally.

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