Forward dating cheques

We will respond immediately with a current stock sheet where your requested stock is available.Where we do NOT have your requested items in stock we will only reply at a later time when stock becomes available.We offer a free service and accordingly as a matter of business cost control & efficiency we seek to keep our database current and free of duplicates.

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Unfortunately, in my experience, "Enquirer's" who do not supply their full contact details are difficult to contact in our normal way by fax or post and usually become un-contactable within a relatively short time due to address, work or email changes.

I regard the provision of the Enquirer's full name ,address & telephone/fax as the minimum for any courteous, genteel communication & request for my assistance.

Please email ([email protected]) or post the colour photo of the pattern & backstamp (150dpi is sufficient and works very well on most flatbed scanners).

This is most helpful in confirming the details of your request.

Please avoid encoding/compressing any picture sent as I often have difficulty in decoding /decompressing the picture Note: - Many small digital or film cameras have a macro feature which is ideal for closeup pictures.