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So apart from chatting up their employees at bars and coffee shops around East Sky Harbor Circle, make sure to attend events and conferences organized by these companies which will give you ample opportunities to fly high in their company.

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And while guys working for the government may not bring home the kind of inflated paychecks that the corporate honchos do, those of them working in the upper rungs often have access to several perks and privileges that more than make up for the relatively fewer number of zeros in the monthly paycheck.

So if you are wondering where to meet these guys, a couple of ideas would be to hang out at the Arizona State Capitol which has been converted into a museum or visit the impressively designed Phoenix City Hall.

You can look up to see if your date is verified, show your verified status to a potential date as well as invite someone to get verified.

Additionally, if you are an Arizona resident, XOXY is offering their services free for the first 100 people that register!

Another idea is turn out on social and cultural celebrations of the city which are organized by the city’s civic departments or attend fundraisers and functions hosted by the local government.

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