Fractionation techniques for dating Chathurika peiris xxx online

They get frustrated, and start to look for tips on dating and seduction which populate the Internet nowadays.

For example, they become obsessed with a technique such as fractionation and spend YEARS to master it because they think they will then get laid by the busloads using this technique. Most guys realize that they need to work on their seduction skills once they get relegated to the proverbial friend zone.

Worse, there are wannabe gurus who are just out there for a quick buck.

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For example, most of the guys who know how to use mind control to seduce women would rather keep this technique to themselves obviously.

Watch this video first:- I managed to find out about mind control seduction when someone introduced me to Derek Rake, the mysterious man behind the famed Shogun Method. It’s impossible for me to teach you the entire Fractionation technique inside this short video, but I can share with you a short version called the One Sentence Fractionation. In the full Fractionation technique, you make a woman go through a series of to make her feel emotionally connected to you.

Just click on the link below to jump right in: If you’re still leery about making women emotionally addicted to you, that’s fine.

You can continue being direct and logical with women, and hope you get lucky once in a while.

This is exactly why showing the girl of your dreams a three-hour Power Point presentation on your first date is the worst idea ever. So before you learn about fractionation and how to use it, you’ve got to understand that getting a girl to open up to you is going to require you being able to create the right emotions in the right order. But you can’t accelerate what you can’t do or understand. Luckily, even if this is your first time even thinking about the subject, I’ve got your back. Read this entire post, memorize the structure and the scripts, and you’ll be getting laid in no time. The first time they came to see him, they were a bit reluctant on going deeply into trance.