Frankly chat secrets

Easy Caps Note: This trick requires you take the "evil" path. Burke nuke Megaton, go into every single house and steal everything (any little piece of junk you can carry).

Sell them to the local shops (Craterside Supplies, The Restaurant, Moriarty's Saloon, etc.).

Frankly chat secrets-40

Go to Craterside Supply (found in Megaton) with a few frag mines (so you do not have to re-equip the mines). Get close to the back side of the wall that the mercenary is leaning against, and place a mine. Visit Big Town by travelling northwest from Springvale Elementary. Talk with Pappy about how he came to Big Town with Bittercup to start a Speech challenge. Try to pickpocket the boy, but instead select "Murder".

Quickly pick it up as it will immediately be armed and ticking. If you fail, the challenge will still be available to retry. You will get six experience points, and the option to retry the challenge can still be selected. Note: This requires the unpatched version of the game. You will not lose Karma and gain over 50 experience points.

Afterwards, speak with her in the slave quarters part of Paradise Falls.

Note: You will need one of the slaver's keys to access the slaves quarters; pickpocket one.

With Wilkinson hot on his trail, Ben soon discovers that the page also holds the key to finding a wealth of missing treasure, and with any luck, the real story about the Gates' involvement in Lincoln's death.